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Fill Vacancies with Ease

Losing a hygienist or receptionist can wreak havoc on your dentist practice operations. With Nevada Dental Staffing, LLC, you never have to worry about downtime due to dental office staffing issues. Based in Henderson & Las Vegas Nevada, we fill dental hygienist vacancies quickly by locating experienced workers. With our vast network of job seekers, you're able to hire someone with minimal hassle.

Background Check

Thorough Background Checks

All of our candidates are fully qualified and interviewed by us before being referred to your clinic. In addition to verifying all qualifications, licenses, and references, we also perform a thorough background check to confirm complete reliability.

Temporary Employees

When a current employee leave suddenly or has to schedule a period of leave, we provide the temporary employees you need to run your business smoothly until that person returns. Our staffing services allow you to remain focused on patient care, rather than scrambling around trying to find a new hygienist, receptionist, or assistant.

Permanent Positions

After an employee changes careers or moves out of state, Nevada Dental Staffing, LLC assists in finding a permanent replacement for them. We work closely with you to seek out the best fit for the position in question, referring only employees we think would work well in your office. If you don't have the time to interview them, you're welcome to use our working interview service and have the prospective employee work in your office for a day or two to ensure they are the right choice.

Register with Us

In order to receive the quickest service possible, register with us to become a client. Whether you need temporary or permanent employees, we make sure your staff is large enough to handle the workload. Please take a few minutes to fill out a registration form.

Upon recieving your client agreement, we can move forward with your temporary or permernant job placement